saddle mountain adventure x100t photo

Adventure Day

We covered most of Northwest Oregon, starting before sunrise and ending well after dark. Saddle Mountain, Astoria, and a trip down the coast. Joining me on this adventure was a ragtag crew: Christian, Nicole, Gavin, Alexis, and Cabell. Fueled by beef jerky and coffee, we climbed a mountain. Needing more sustinance, we headed to Astoria. After that we ran back down the coast to chase the sunset.

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  1. What a variety. Love the silhouette on the coast.

  2. Simone Anne says:

    These are really beautiful, but why is your friend wearing wool pants and suspenders for a hike? You guys all look so stylishly and improperly dressed. haha. Happy adventures!

  3. Godd work and beautiful place, like other time 🙂 happy 2016