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Stocksy United – Authentic Stock Photography

Updated April 9th, 2019.

I’ve been a member of the stock photography co-op Stocksy United since 2014. They turned the stock photo world upside down when they entered the market by promoting authentic images, supporting the photographers/shareholders with the co-op structure, and being at the front of trends hitting the design world. It was important to me that they had both artistic ideals in regards to their collections acceptance standards, as well as making sure that the financial benefit made photography sustainable to the contributors. If you’d like to license an image, here are the latest Stocksy coupon codes.

This was a monumental departure from the micro-stock agencies who had taken over the industry and I quickly applied to be a member of the growing collective.

I’ve since also joined the Artist Relations team and consulted on SEO at Stocksy. I jump into the queue of incoming images a few hours per week, with the task of deciding which photos are a fit for the collection. It has been an incredibly rewarding position. Allowing me to see a ton of interesting photography, learn even more about the technical aspects that can make or break an image, and be inspired by the level of talent in the co-op.

It has also been amazing seeing where the images pop up, the above photo was licensed by Spotify for one of their most popular playlists background art. It has even lead to further commercial work.

A selection of my wedding photos are available on Stocksy.

Travel images have sold particularly well, allowing me to justify staying a few extra days in many destinations. It also gives me a little extra nudge to bring the camera or try a little bit harder with composition.

Personal iPhone images like this can end up making hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is one of my biggest selling images and it was just a quick moment during a road-trip.

Another iPhone image, looking up at the redwoods. This one has been a big-time seller as well. Don’t underestimate the camera that is always in your pocket.

Stocksy is now opening their call-to-artists.

Stocksy has removed their 1000 contributor cap and is now permanently open to new artists. If you’re wanting to push yourself creatively and are interested in monetizing your photography without the pressure of client work, this might be a nice fit. Click here to apply!


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