rustic backyard wedding photo

DIY Rustic Backyard Wedding | Emily and Gabe

We loved Emily and Gabe’s rustic backyard wedding.

The handmade details, the friends and family gathering on a beautiful summer day, and the incredible pizza (Gabe made all of the crusts the night before). Emily looked gorgeous with her fishtail braid and classic dress. One of my favorite moments was their long walk down the aisle to their touching ceremony. Also, wedding bunnies.

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  1. Becky Eyre says:

    Ahh Emily, beautiful pictures of a beautiful day and two beautiful people. Glad we could be there to share it with you!!!

  2. Everything about this is good, guys. And I kind of really love Owen as a pairing for this wedding. I turned off She & Him for it and everything. <3

  3. bunnies + bathtub = win. love the black and whites against the fence especially

  4. I love all your works, i hope to see you soon in spain.

  5. I enjoyed all the images from the begining to the end…All are awesome!

  6. Jack Chauvel says:

    Whats not to love about this wedding 🙂

  7. Dale Lempa says:

    Amazing wedding photography; well done. Outstanding portraits.

  8. loveeee love LOVE your guys stuff and this is no exception! Amazing photos!