Best Wedding Dresses - A Style Guide for 2020

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Elopement Dresses

Here is my full guide on elopement dresses!

Top Wedding Dress Brands


Based in San Jose, California, Azazie offers very high quality fabrics and dress designs at a great price. Every dress is made to order and they have incredible in-house customer service reps who will make sure your dress fits just right. This makes it so much easier to avoid alterations later! You can feel good when buying from Azazie. They donate a portion of their profits to breast cancer awareness and they have a program that provides teens with prom dresses.

Essence Of Australia

Focusing on high-end fabrics and elegant design, Essence Of Australia pays close attention to the little details that make each design stand out from the crowd. Their design team in Australia offers custom styling and sizing. Many of their designs feature intricate lace and unexpected sheer elements. They have a large selections of styles and they are always adding new designs based on the latest trends. 

Allure Bridal

Allure Bridal brings to the market designs with style and a hint of edginess. Their dresses have features like modern draping and dramatic backs. Allure’s elopement dress brand is called “Wildery Bride”. The collection features gowns with carefree silhouettes and a bohemian vibe. In-house designer lines include styles from James Madison. They also have a chic selection of bridesmaids dresses and men’s wear. This is nearly a one-stop-shop for all your bridal party attire.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

A name synonymous with sophistication and originality, Vera Wang’s gowns are eccentric and one-of-a-kind. The current spring 2020 collection has bountiful tule and delicate, nearly hidden, floral designs. Pricing is somewhat elusive, so you’ll have to find a flagship store and make an appointment to figure it out. Would we really expect anything else from such an exclusive designer? Get all the catwalk inspiration from their website and dive into the world of couture!


The bridal revolution is here! The ladies behind Floravere are determined to bring you modern, chic designer styles without the pricetag! Most gowns in the lower price range are gaudy and crunchy - not Floravere. They have really leveled up the design quality and bridal experience. I love their “Beyond the Ceremony” collection, whcich features elegant jumpsuits and shorter bridal dresses that are perfect for the afterparty. You can even try on sample dresses at home before ever buying. Yes please!

Maggie Sotterro 

Want that uber romantic getting-married-in-a-castle kind of vibe? Maggie Sotterro has got your covered. Their designs are full of grace and they have a timeless asthetic that will never go out of style. You’ll find gorgeous styles for all budgets in their online gallery or try on in person at one of their certified retailers. 

Randy Fenoli

Randy Fenoli has a long history in the wedding dress world and is seen as a leader in the industry. His designs are effortlessly beautiful and empowering. Brides look to Fenoli’s designs to empower themselves and elevate their wedding day.


Lazaro Pereze’s dress designs invoke that old Hollywood Glamor. His designs feature meticulous embroidery and hand-beaded details. Real brides will fall in love with the subtle lace details and fabrics of the highest quality.

Amazon wedding dresses

Believe it or not, you can actually order your wedding dress from Amazon. There is a huge variety of styles and prices points that will match any brides budget. You’ll find several different wedding dress designers on amazon like David’s Bridal.

Etsy Wedding Dresses

Many high-end designers sell their wedding dresses on Etsy. The platform has many bridal gowns to choose from. Some of my favorite Etsy wedding dress designers are: Wilderness Bride, Jordan De Ruiter, and Saldana Vintage.

House of Brides

This bridal warehouse has a massive selection of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. You are bound to find a style to fall in love with at a price that fits your budget. 

David Tutera

David Tutera’s bridal gowns look like they came straight off the Parisian runway. These high-end dresses are full of thoughtful details and unexpected accessories. David’s gowns evoke a sense of romance and pure elegance. 

Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Short Wedding Dresses

In 2020 anything goes! Short dresses are quickly becoming popular with brides this year. Short wedding dresses are perfect for elopements and after party dresses, but they can also be the main attraction. Show off those legs and forget the gown!

Simple Wedding Dresses

Clean silhouettes and modern elegance, Simple wedding dresses are definitely not boring. Bring the attention to your natural beauty and grace and cut out all the fuss of embroidery and beading. Chic, natural wedding dresses are in style for 2020. 

Modest Wedding Dresses

For the traditional brides who want to feel confident walking down the aisle, there are plenty of beautiful modest wedding dresses that are not overly conservative or downright old school. Many designers today have taken the modest dress to a new level. You can have both a chic and modest wedding dress that will wow everyone as you walk down the aisle

Sexy Wedding Dresses

If you want to turn a few heads at your wedding, you can find backless dresses and plunging necklines that will undoubtedly catch some attention. Show off that bod you’ve been sculpting at the gym with these tastefully sexy wedding dresses. 

A-Line Wedding Dresses

For the bride that loves a bit of swoosh in her gown, an A-line wedding dress is the perfect fit. Many A-line wedding dress designs have beautifully detailed shoulders and bodices paired with a voluminous skirt. This is one of the most popular wedding dress designs and you’re bound to find a design you love. 

Tea Length Wedding dress

Tea length wedding dresses evoke that charming 1950’s vintage vibe. The high-waisted poofy skirt and fitted bodice creates a flattering silhouette for every bride. Tea length wedding dresses fall below the knees and above the ankle. Make sure you pick out some cute heels to match!

Gothic Wedding Dresses

Black is the new Black. If you’re the kind of bride who has no interest is conforming to the norm of a white gown, then a gothic wedding dress might just be your thing. It’s the 2020s and you can wear anything you want! There are several designers picking up the black wedding dress trend this season

Maternity Wedding Dress

There are so many beautiful wedding dresses today that are specifically designed to showcase your baby bump. Maternity wedding dresses range from flowy bohemian gowns to modern chic styles. 

Summer Wedding Dress


When the sun is out and the heat rolls in, you don’t want your dress to turn into a fluffy heat trap. Look for a sleek summer wedding dress that is effortlessly light weight and free yourself from the heat. 

Country Wedding Dress

Channel your inner southern belle with a Country Wedding Dress. Styles range from vintage country western to Dolly Parton-esque glamor. These styles are for the boot wearing bride.

High Low Wedding Dress

Show off a little leg while keeping that flowy gown look with a high low wedding dress. A High-low hem line will give an effortless feel to your entire day and the style is flattering on evey bride. 

Victorian Wedding Dress

If you love reading The Secret Garden and pour over Jane Austen Novels then a Victoria wedding dress might be perfect for you. With the high necklines, antique embellishments, and detailed lace work, these gowns will take you back a century in time. 

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

A traditional wedding dress is a white gown. A Non Traditional wedding dress can be anything you want it to be. Bring in the colors and the patterns your heart desires. Get creative and wear a dress that truly reflects your personality!

Vow Renewal Dress

The dress code for polishing up your vows can be a bit confusing. Do you wear a gown or go for a less traditional look? Thankfully a Vow Renewal Dress has no limitations. Wearing white is popular as a nod to your original wedding day, but wearing something much different symbolizes growth and maturity in your relationship. 

Fall Wedding Dress

When that Autumn breeze comes sweeping in, you won't want to be caught up in a wafer of a dress. A good fall wedding dress has layers to hold in some warmth throughout the day. Dresses with sleeves are another great option to keep the chilled air away.

Wedding Dresses For Older Women

While there is no specific wedding dress for older women, some older brides choose to wear tea length gowns for a more sophisticated look. Think queen rather than princess. A dress with long intricate sleeves can add a bit of unexpected detail as well. 

1920s Wedding Dress

Bring the glitz and glamor of the roaring 20s with a 1920s wedding dress. The styles of the 1920s were marked by egyptian motifs, art deco, and jazz music. Put on some sparkle and dance the charleston!

Modern Wedding Dresses

For that Vogue look, try a modern wedding dress style. A structured look can add an air of sophistication and poise. Pair your dress with subtle accessories to create a trendy minimalist look. 

Satin Wedding Dresses

A satin wedding dress is synonymous with elegance and grace. The look of satin is timeless and can be easily preserved in order to pass down for generations. 

Alternative Wedding Dress

If a lacy white dress just isn't your thing, then break the traditional mold of the traditional gown and slip into an alternative wedding dress. These dresses are anything but boring and you’ll be turning heads all day long.

Courthouse Wedding Dress

Eloping at the courthouse is supposed to be fun and exciting. Wear a dress that reflects how you feel. To avoid dragging that train in the city streets, courthouse wedding dresses are typically shorter than a traditional wedding gown. Plus they are easier to move in!

Muslim wedding Dress

For Muslim brides there are plenty of options to choose from and they are gorgeous! From the embellished hijab to voluminous gown these Muslim wedding dresses are so unique.

Two piece wedding dresses 

Oh the power to mix and match! Two piece wedding dresses are very popular right now and it’s obvious why. Finding the perfect combination of skirt and bodice can be impossible, but when you have the option to swap styles it makes finding the perfect dress simple. 

Celtic Wedding Dresses

Whether you have a celtic background or you just want that ephemeral look, Celtic wedding dresses will transport you into a fairy tale. The renaissance style typically includes an embellished sash and long flared sleeves. 

Corset Wedding Dress

The structured corset wedding dress is very much in fashion at the moment. Detailed bodice pieces show off the internal framing to give an effortlessly chic look. A corset tied from the back of the dress will secure a heavy skirt so you can dance all day.

High Neck Wedding Dress

For the bride who wants to evoke the victorian look, a high neck wedding dress will do just that. The high neckline brings a sense of poise and sophistication to any wedding day. 

Strapless Wedding Dress

The modern strapless wedding dress is built to stay up all day and all night. The strapless dress looks beautiful in wedding portraits especially if you are showing off a statement necklace. 

Wedding Reception Dress

When the sun has set and the formalities of a wedding day are over, it’s time to change into that wedding reception dress! Most brides opt for a shorter dress that they can dance in and move freely. Plus who doesn’t love a surprise outfit change?

Petite Wedding Dress

When you feel like you’ve tried on gowns that seem to swallow you whole, try finding a specific petite wedding dress that fits perfectly. Many designers and boutiques have added petite options for the smaller ladies. 

Crochet Wedding Dess

Hello Boho brides! Crochet wedding dresses will let your inner hippie heart shine throughout the wedding day. These lightweight wedding dresses are perfect for wearing on the beach or in the depths of the summer heat. 

Backless Wedding Dresses

Turn a few heads with a sleek, backless wedding dress. This style is for the confident, powerful bride who wants to show off what shes got! A backless dress is perfect for a hot summer wedding.

Camo Wedding Dresses

While it's not the most obvious choice, a camo wedding dress is the perfect choice for the huntress bride. Disappear into the woods with your love and no one will find you. 

Ebay Wedding Dresses

Ebay is a great resource for brides looking for a one-of-a-kind gown or a second hand designer dress. There are plenty of Ebay wedding dresses to choose from. Start by narrowing it down by your favorite style!

Wedding Dresses With Pockets

What bride doesn’t love some deep pockets on her wedding day? Wedding dresses with pockets are awesome! Sneak some mints in there or a few wedding day snacks to keep you from starving before dinnertime. 

Winter Wedding Dresses

Don’t get the shivers in a barely-there gown if you’re getting married in the winter months. Winter wedding dresses are designed with long sleeves and thick materials that are cozy without looking bulky. Don’t forget to accessorize with a cute shawl or jacket. 

Gypsy Wedding Dresses

If you love a big poofy skirt, you’ll love wearing a gypsy wedding dress. These colorful showstoppers are not for the shy bride!

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress

For the sexy and classy bride, an off the shoulder wedding dress is the perfect style. These gowns remind us of a royal wedding. Wear a statement necklace to add an extra touch of elegance and poise. 

Unique Wedding Dress Colors

Black wedding dresses

Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day? Make a bold statement with a stunning black gown. Black symbolizes power, elegance and strength. Wear somthing that makes you feel like superwoman when you walk down the aisle. High-end designers have recently tapped into this trend, making it easier to find a black wedding dress that meets all of your wedding goals. 

Blue Wedding Dress 

Bend the rules and try a blue wedding dress to dawn at the altar. From deep royal blue to the palest of blues that are nearly white, you’ll find the perfect shade. Express yourself and bring a little personality into your wedding wear.

Red Wedding Dress

What better color for love than red? Choosing a red wedding dress will represent your fierceness and your passion. Turn up the heat and the romance with a dramatic gown that everyone will remember.

Pink Wedding Dress

A blush pink wedding dress might just be the ultimate non-white color to rock on your big day. This color is perfect for a springtime wedding. When the flowers are blooming you’ll blend right in!

Black and White Wedding Dresses

Can’t choose between black or white? Lucky for you there plenty of black and white wedding dresses out there. The contrasting colors create and timeless style that will never go out of fashion. 

Champagne Wedding Dresses

Pop a bottle and toast to the champagne wedding dress! When you want to take a subtle detour from the traditional white dress, champagne is the perfect color. Champagne wedding dresses are having their moment in the spotlight and you’ll look like royalty in a golden gown. 

Ombre Wedding Dresses

Let the color transition in your ombre wedding dress represent the transition into your married life. These dresses look like they have been gracefully dipped into a pool of natural dye. The good news is you can choose any color to match your wedding theme.

Colorful wedding dress

Don’t just choose one color, go with a beautiful embroidered pattern or a rainbow of colors. Spice up your wedding look with a colorful wedding dress that matches your colorful personality!

Green Wedding Dresses

Become the forest goddess you’ve always wanted to be with a green wedding dress. For the bride planning a forest fairytale wedding, geen is the perfect color. Dare to defy tradition and sweep through the woods in a flowy green gown.

Rose Gold Wedding Dresses

Let’s get real, rose gold is having a moment right now and it’s no surprise that this trendy color has made its way into the wedding dress scene. Rose gold wedding dresses still have the vibe of a traditional white dress but with a little more excitement. 

Gold wedding dress

Go for the gold with a gold wedding dress! Shine bright and make a statement in a golden gown. We love what designers are creating with high-quality golden fabrics and embellishments. Whether you're going full gold or just opting for golden details, it’s bound to be a show stopping wedding dress. 

Sparkly wedding dress

A little sparkle goes a long way, and a Sparkly wedding dress will have you shining all night long. Sequence and tasteful rhinestones can take a dress from basic to bananas. Float down the aisle like a  shooting star in a sparkly wedding dress!

Grey wedding dress

Add a touch of soft, romantic moodiness to your wedding dress with a gorgeous shade of grey. This color is subtle but it will make a big statement. A grey wedding dress is a lovely option for a snowy winter wedding. Bring out your inner Sansa and become the queen of the north.

Floral wedding dresses

Having a garden party wedding? Well then you’ll want to incorporate as many floral elements as possible, including your dress! Floral lace, embroidered tulle, and printed patterns are all beautiful options for a floral wedding dress. 

Silver wedding dresses

Bring out your inner old Hollywood star and slip into something silver. Silver symbolizes sophistication, grace, and pure elegance. A silver wedding dress is perfect for a city wedding and a night out on the town. 

Purple wedding dresses

From ultraviolet to pale lavender, any shade will do for your purple wedding dress. Celebrities have been loving the purple couture gowns designed this year by high-end dress makers. Purple is a unique choice and you’ll easily find a one-of-a-kind gown. 

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