Kiley + Richard’s Bohemian Wedding.

A beautiful setting overlooking the Snake River, the super moon over our heads, and two incredible people bringing their families together to celebrate their marriage. We were overjoyed to be a part of this wedding. To the photos!

Gear Bag

Digital: 5diii’s, 24L, 35L, 45tse, 50L, 85L, 135L. Film: EOS3, Mamiya 645, RZ67, & SX70.

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  1. This wedding is so dreamy. I’m a photographer and could honestly look at these photos every day. Your work is inspiring, thank you! All the best.

  2. beautiful and elegant as always

  3. Wow! This are amazing!! Love them all!!

  4. These are incredible. What a wonderful wedding & captured so beautifully. Great work. 🙂

  5. Mary Sylvia says:

    Wow that is a nice light: httpss://

  6. wow these are amazing. love how earthy and natural their style is, and your photography is off the chart. the small cows made me laugh out loud.

  7. Wow. Your black and whites are sick. In the best kind of way. I’m going to look through them again.

  8. Natalie Gibbs says:

    Lovely work all around. Love that overlook (wow!) and the double exposure portrait. Well done.

  9. Chris Bartow says:

    The landscape shots are absolutely insane.

  10. Absolutely amazing in every way! I love all the portraits especially those using the window light. You are definitely a master of light!

  11. Jen Smith says:

    So wonderful. Loved seeing you two talk about one of these portraits on CPC interview! Her flowers and relaxed look are breathtaking. Well done, as always!

  12. Oh man you guys, you’re just too awesome. THIS is just too awesome, and insanely inspiring.

  13. Lovely set of images! And from one recent (ish) transplant to another, welcome to Portland!

  14. Wow…..i’m speechless. i love the bride portraits in the beginning!!!! amazing.

  15. Beautiful. I love your use of framing and shadows. Those portraits with all those nature backgrounds are incredible!

  16. It is just so amazing. very nice

  17. heather nan says:

    Wowzers, that first reflection portrait of the bride? Love. Wonderful imagery as always.

  18. David Childers says:

    Just beautiful

  19. …what can i say? utterly breathtaking. adooooore her dress and barefoot sandals!!! and that view…!!!

  20. Jack Chauvel says:

    I must have commented a few times on this by now, I love it to death. That light in the morning is sublime as well. Awesome.

  21. Stylish. Location. Everything. This is money.

  22. Damien Furey says:

    Amazing work peeps. such beautiful light from start to finish, and the double exposure!! icing on the cake

  23. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] says:

    One of your best yet, guys 🙂

  24. Carmen (Carmen Hibbins Photography) says:

    these are amazing, what beautiful colours. I love your work!

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