Outdoor Senior Portrait | Alison

An outdoor senior portrait session with the lovely Alison in Boise, Idaho. Adventuring in the foothills is probably our favorite way to spend an afternoon. The sunset on top of Table Rock is kind of unbeatable, embrace the wind and you’re rewarded handsomely with one of the best views in the world.

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  1. Amazing photos. Could you tell me what lens do you use?

    1. sarakbyrne says:

      httpss://dylandsara.com/gear-bag/ 🙂

  2. Rachel Clarke says:

    So gorgeous! Love the wind.

  3. Is there anything you cant do. These are awesome! Im sure she will love them most of the time senior photos are awkward leaning up against a tree or whatever. These Im sure made her feel like an adult. Way to blow my mind again. Nice work Sara & Dylan

  4. She’s so beautiful. Love the photos. And her dress!

  5. COLORS! Lord. What?! I mean….I dunno.

    Fantastic guys.

  6. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] says:


  7. Heather Elizabeth says:

    All seniors would be lucky to get their photos done by you. This is so killer. Your light and posing is spot on. She looks super natural. Killer work.

  8. These are gorgeous! full of feeling!

  9. Veronica Varos says:

    These are so lovely. Beautiful setting!

  10. absolutely killer… the light, her style… i love the combination of the serious, stunner images and those where she’s laughing. this set really, really, really makes me want to get into senior portraits… everyone should have photos like this of themselves at this point in their young lives!

  11. David Campbell says:

    Stunning! Great location, light and posing.

  12. Alexandra Marie says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous-

  13. These are just stunning!!! Could easily spend all night on your blog