A day after session at Cannon Beach. Elina and Borat came from Kazakhstan to get married in Las Vegas. They wanted to do a day after session in the Pacific Northwest and decided that Portland would do the trick. We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day at the Oregon coast. The weather and light were both on point.kodak portra 160 leica photocouple photo on film oregonblack and white film photo cannon beach leica-m3-tri-x-0003leica-m3-tri-x-0004leica-m3-tri-x-0007oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0024oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0001 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0003 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0005 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0008 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0010oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0020 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0013 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0021 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0019leica-m3-tri-x-0006pacific-coast-wedding-photo001 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0023oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0026 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0027 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0028oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0032 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0033 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0034 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0036pacific-coast-wedding-photo003leica-m3-tri-x-0008 oregon-coast-wedding-photo-0039

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  1. These are breathtakingly stunning in their simplicity. The natural beauty of Cannon Beach parallels this beautiful couple perfectly.
    I love all of your shoots-but this one is my favorite thus far. 🙂
    Your work is amazing!

  2. What a beautiful, classic looking couple. I love those black and whites <3 timeless.


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