Portraits of two lovely humans at Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast. I’m often surprised by the beauty of this state, but this place kind of blew our minds. cape-kiwanda-engagement-1cape-kiwanda-engagement-8cape-kiwanda-engagement-9cape-kiwanda-engagement-10cape-kiwanda-engagement-12cape-kiwanda-engagement-13cape-kiwanda-engagement-14cape-kiwanda-engagement-15cape-kiwanda-engagement-3cape-kiwanda-engagement-17cape-kiwanda-engagement-36cape-kiwanda-engagement-19cape-kiwanda-engagement-25cape-kiwanda-engagement-21cape-kiwanda-engagement-2cape-kiwanda-engagement-27cape-kiwanda-engagement-30cape-kiwanda-engagement-28cape-kiwanda-engagement-29cape-kiwanda-engagement-33cape-kiwanda-engagement-34cape-kiwanda-engagement-35cape-kiwanda-engagement-32


      Amazing mate! Did you use any Vsco Preset?

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      Oh my god! Amazing, did you use any VSCO Preset?

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      Absolutely Incredible! Love the mood.

      such amazing place that blew our mind. it’s really true. i always your big fans

      Those two are so cute! And she’s giving me an insane case of bang envy!

      There are little words to say how much we adore our photos. you guys are amazing!

      Gorgeous. So, so gorgeous!

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