Forest Campground Wedding – Emily + Scott

Forest campground weddings are quickly becoming our favorite.

Not only because they are incredible locations for photography, but more due to the people that are attracted to them. You can feel the love that is an inevitable byproduct of inviting your friends and family to join you in the forest for your marriage. This wedding definitely accomplished that. It was also a special experience to capture the groomsmen riding their motorcycles to the ceremony, yet another dream as a photographer.


Amazing wedding! You guys captured it so incredibly well.

Dream wedding. Just crazy good. – ace all around!

seriously, the photos make me wish I was a part of that wedding. great job!

Those stars just took my breath away! Along with the rest of the frames, actually. Seriously beautiful work.

Motorbikes and a canoe full of beer??? I wish I had been invited! Stellar work as always, guys. The night shots are incredible.

You guys have the sweetest weddings. What’s not to love? And that cat! Its face looks perfectly symmetrical!

WOOOOWZERRRRSSSZZZZZZ!!!! One of your best wedding sessions!!

This is one of the coolest posts I’ve seen in a while. I think I love your couple. Awesome coverage.

heck yes to the bikers and the really cute bride.

The motorcycle shots. And the getting ready shots. Pretty much every shot. You guys are seriously killing it.

Perfect location for a beautiful wedding. Top notch work!

One day, my children will have weddings like this I hope.
Really stunning.

This is such a beautiful wedding and your images are priceless.

I love the photos, especially the one of the cheeky cat… Hehe


These photos captured your special day in amazing manner. It made me feel like I had actually been there. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Everything about this is just breaktakingly gorgeous and so full of life!! Awesome!!

goodness and greatness!

I don’t know this couple but these photos make me want to. SUCH a cool set of photos, guys!!!

This wedding is sooo beautifully captured!!!! Looove it 😀

Looooooooove the photos and the setting and the decor and the lights …. just love it all! And nice work on the motorcycle shots!!

Fabulous! Feel like I was a guest there myself through your incredible photos. Love the motorcycle shots.

Gah I love this whole wedding. Awesome work guys.

Gorgeous wedding – beautifully captured

Killer work guys! Cool locations!

This is so amazing. Gorgeous. Rustic. Outdoors-y fabulousness. Beautiful guys!