A rain soaked the day in the Minnesota forest at Julia James Place. The downpours made the surrounding trees a shade of green I’d never seen. The rain would let up for Liz & Jonny to see each other for the first time and once again for their outdoor ceremony. In the end, the rain seemed a second theme of the day, as if it was always intended.It was fun to watch Liz & Jonny interact, so playful and lighthearted. Early in the day, they each spent time drawing cartoon cat pictures for each other. Liz’s name is now Elizabeth Bennett, and oh yes I am a sucker for Jane Austin and anything remotely related. But she is the heroine of her own beautiful story.By the end of the night the rain poured and they answered back by lighting off roman candles into the sky. Minnesota was an unexpected delight. The wedding was beautiful, their friends and family welcoming and two people who love each other are now married.Jonny is a talented photographer and Liz an amazing photo retoucher, check out their work.forest-wedding-photo0001forest-wedding-photo0002 forest-wedding-photo0003forest-wedding-photo0006forest-wedding-photo0005 forest-wedding-photo0004forest-wedding-photo0076 forest-wedding-photo0008 forest-wedding-photo0009forest-wedding-photo0011forest-wedding-photo0010forest-wedding-photo0013 forest-wedding-photo0014 forest-wedding-photo0026forest-wedding-photo0023minneapolis-wedding-photo005forest-wedding-photo0017forest-wedding-photo0007minneapolis-wedding-photo001 forest-wedding-photo0018forest-wedding-photo0055forest-wedding-photo0057forest-wedding-photo0056forest-wedding-photo0059forest-wedding-photo0054minneapolis-wedding-photo010forest-wedding-photo0020 forest-wedding-photo0022minneapolis-wedding-photo004forest-wedding-photo0064forest-wedding-photo0019forest-wedding-photo0016 forest-wedding-photo0027 forest-wedding-photo0028 forest-wedding-photo0030 forest-wedding-photo0031 forest-wedding-photo0032 forest-wedding-photo0033 forest-wedding-photo0034 forest-wedding-photo0036 forest-wedding-photo0038forest-wedding-photo0043forest-nature-wedding-0001 forest-wedding-photo0041forest-wedding-photo0044minneapolis-wedding-photo006 forest-wedding-photo0049forest-wedding-photo0048 forest-wedding-photo0050 minnesota-wedding-photoforest-wedding-photo0052 forest-wedding-photo0053 minneapolis-wedding-photo002 forest-wedding-photo0065minneapolis-wedding-photo009 forest-wedding-photo0066minneapolis-wedding-photo014forest-wedding-photo0068 forest-wedding-photo0074 forest-wedding-photo0075minneapolis-wedding-photo011forest-wedding-photo0046forest-wedding-photo0063 forest-wedding-photo0079 forest-wedding-photo0080 forest-wedding-photo0081 forest-wedding-photo0082 forest-wedding-photo0083 forest-wedding-photo0084 forest-wedding-photo0085minneapolis-wedding-photo008 forest-wedding-photo0087 forest-wedding-photo0088 forest-wedding-photo0089 forest-wedding-photo0094minneapolis-wedding-photo007forest-wedding-photo0096forest-wedding-photo0097 forest-wedding-photo0098forest-wedding-photo0099 forest-wedding-photo0100 forest-wedding-photo0102 forest-wedding-photo0103forest-wedding-photo0101 forest-wedding-photo0105 forest-wedding-photo0106 forest-wedding-photo0112bride-groom-reflection-treesforest-wedding-photo0070minneapolis-wedding-photo012minneapolis-wedding-photo003forest-wedding-photo0071minneapolis-wedding-photo013forest-wedding-photo0120forest-wedding-photo0119 forest-wedding-photo0109 forest-wedding-photo0111 forest-wedding-photo0116 forest-wedding-photo0117 forest-wedding-photo0118 forest-wedding-photo0123 forest-wedding-photo0125 forest-wedding-photo0126 forest-wedding-photo0127 forest-wedding-photo0128forest-nature-wedding-0002 forest-wedding-photo0129 forest-wedding-photo0131 forest-wedding-photo0132 forest-wedding-photo0136 forest-wedding-photo0138 forest-wedding-photo0139 forest-wedding-photo0140 forest-wedding-photo0141 forest-wedding-photo0142 forest-wedding-photo0143 forest-wedding-photo0144forest-wedding-photo0148 forest-wedding-photo0149 forest-wedding-photo0150 forest-wedding-photo0151 forest-wedding-photo0152roman-candles-wedding-photo

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  1. Hello! These are such amazing photos! My sister is getting married in Fall of 2017 and I’m looking for venues in the forest. do you know the name of this venue?

  2. This wedding is just breathtaking.
    Liz, you made the sweater shrug look absolutely stunning, thanks so much for ordering it from my shop! I feel so honored to have made something that was apart of your special day <3

    Dylan and Sara, I have no idea how I haven't come across your work before, but I have now, and my life feels more complete/I am now a devoted fan. Off to go peruse your archives….

  3. Gosh, dang it. You guys have done it again. Seriously. I wish I could have persuaded Josh to do a shoot with you guys while we are out there this week. Bummer freaking city. But great work again.

  4. What an incredible wedding and day. You guys captured this day beautifuly. Every last image was stunning. Great work once again.

  5. Because I’ve seen a million wedding blogposts I’m lately pretty bored of them and scroll fast through, only looking at a couple photos that catch my eye. This one I looked through every single image. It was enchanting to me. That was a beautiful and unique wedding and you guys did an **incredible** job.

  6. Damn. This wedding is gorgeous and your images are stunning. You guys did them justice, as always. Great stuff!

    You rock!

    (rant: I want weddings like this in Portugal. Or Europe, for that matter.)


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