Greenhouse Engagement | Natalie + Will

Natalie and Will are the definition of cool. When they contacted us to do engagement and wedding photos we were elated. Natalie recommended Edwards Greenhouse for our first location of the day, it was so nice getting to shoot indoors in 74 degree heat with beautiful light blanketing the gorgeous flora. Since Boise has been blessed with so much snow lately, we headed into the foothills to play in the frozen tundra.

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Natalie’s hair are gorgeous! And pictures of course. πŸ˜‰ Brilliant session!

um… her hair is amazing. and i love the summer-y feel and then bam. wait, what? it’s winter! great set. the snow throwing at the end is way cool!

Beautiful!! love the tone so much

So cute, I love their snow fight!

Great couple, amazing locations and the images are to die for. Love your work!

Too many wins. Win because they’re ridiculously gorgeous, win because they’re in a green house, massive win because you guys took their photos. And snow? I’ve only seen it once in my life, but I’d kill to take photos as glorious as these in snow πŸ™‚

Great set of photos, love all the variety!

geeeeeze you two never cease to blow my freakin mind. absolutely gorgeous work

I’ve been staring at these photos forever. I love what you do. There’s a piece of paradise in every session of yours.

So much life in these frames!

mmmm. stunning.

these are so adorable! i love both settings and the way that you played with lines in the greenhouse.

So pretty. I wish so badly to do a shoot in the snow. I am in love with her red hair.

Simply stunning! I love these. What a fun couple!

These are so modern and cool, but also warm and sweet πŸ™‚ Love the location!


Such a great use of light in the greenhouse and I love the contrast of their hair w/ all the green. The snow photos are also super cute and totally fun!

Outstanding portraiture using natural light. I’m sure these will end up on their wall.

Amazing session! I especially love the snow shots!

You guys kick so much ass! Thanks again πŸ™‚

blown away, again, girl. Moving me at the core. I feel these.

Beautiful session. Really love the out door snow photos. Nice work.

Wooooooah. I am blown away, these are amazing!

I want to talk about Natalie’s hair for the rest of my life, it’s so gorgeous. So are these pictures. They are so cute and fun!

Wow. So so beautiful. These are even better than we had imagined. Thank you SO much! <3

Ahhh I love this. You found some amazing light in there. ALSO I love their style and Natalie’s hair is making me SO envious. That last shot is just so wonderful.

Great post. Love it.