Earlier this spring we had a weekend off from “real” weddings and took the chance to create our own “dream wedding”. Location was one of the first decisions, easy.. Idaho Botanical Garden. Next, we built a list of super-star vendors from around Boise.. Amaru Confections, Bliss Events, B29 StrEATery, Suite Potato Style, Marissa Lyons Makeup Artistry, and Lunatic Fringe Salon. Each and every vendor helped bring our vision to life, we highly recommend working with them on your big day!

We also recommend every wedding has a food truck.. cause they’re awesome.

Be warned, this post is slightly longer than we’d usually post.. Dylan shot film the whole time and we wanted to mix quite a bit of it in.


boise wedding brenizer method photo 001boise film wedding photo 010

Boise-bridal-photos 008

boise film wedding photo 016

boise film wedding photo 015

boise film wedding photo 018

boise film wedding photo 019

boise film wedding photo 021

boise film wedding photo 023

Boise-bridal-photos 003

Boise-bridal-photos 004

Boise-bridal-photos 005

Boise-bridal-photos 007

Boise-bridal-photos 009

Boise-bridal-photos 010

Boise-bridal-photos 011

Boise-bridal-photos 012

boise film wedding photo 036

Boise-bridal-photos 013

boise film wedding photo 026

Boise-bridal-photos 014

boise film wedding photo 035

boise film wedding photo 034

boise film wedding photo 029

boise film wedding photo 033

boise film wedding photo 031

Boise-bridal-photos 017

Boise-bridal-photos 022

Boise-bridal-photos 020

boise film wedding photo 027

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 002

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 004

boise film wedding photo 028

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 005

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 006

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 007

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 008

idaho botanical gardens wedding photo 009

Boise-bridal-photos 021

Boise-bridal-photos 023

Boise-bridal-photos 024

Boise-bridal-photos 016

botanical gardens wedding photo 001

Boise-bridal-photos 025

Boise-bridal-photos 026

Boise-bridal-photos 027

Boise-bridal-photos 029

Boise-bridal-photos 032



These are incredible, way to rock it Sara!

I had never seen your photography before my friends had an engagement shoot this summer, now I am a HUGE fan. Everything I’ve seen I’ve loved, your work oozes with beauty!

May I ask what designer the dress is? Absolutely beautiful photos.

These shots are amazing! Great talent!

Wow – just wow. These are seriously incredible.

Hello there gorgeous. Awesome shoot!

There aren’t words for how amazing you are.

Wow, so cool! Love all the shots in front of the food truck…

Great work, stunning.

Gorgeous! I love the black and whites, so stunning.

Really, really, REALLY cool shoot!! I love them all!

these are flipping phenomenal.

You nut.

Absolutely stunning. You guys rock! Seriously!

Tom – yep! can’t remember the details on how many frames, but 85L at 1.2

that. is. awesome! so mystical and beautiful, you really pulled that off 🙂

so so stunning you guys, seriously gorgeous stuff

is the first shot using the brenizer method? looks amazing!

ahh! are you serious!? so great you two!

Extremely well done!!

ohhh I love this shoot. well done x

Killer work guys. Every single detail is amazing!

Out of this world amazing. seriously speechless.

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