Updated May 25th, 2019.

I love everything about this campground elopement. It was one of the weddings that changed the arc of my career, moving from indoors or traditional venue weddings to elopements and small weddings in the beautiful outdoors.

When Monica and Andrew told me they were going to get married at a campground in the forest, I was SO GIDDY. I love seeing brides take advantage of the beautiful landscapes Idaho has to offer. I really can’t think of a more perfect location. Their friends and family all came together to help make their day memorable. Monica’s family made all the food (which was delicious) and their friends and family spent the afternoon decorating the campsite, it was delightful.

We got some wonderful images. Take a look and leave some love <3

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  1. Mariel Lewis says:

    The wedding was truly amazing and your guys captured it so well. Every single picture is a work of art. As always, you two did an incredible job!

  2. The location is perfect! Love the atmosphere of the wedding and you have captured it so well!

  3. Total perfection. Your use of light is incredible!!

  4. Nuh uh. That is solid, magic. Perfection.

  5. This wedding is too gorgeous!!! Just WOW!

  6. Denis Adonis says:

    That nice place for a wedding. It must have felt so much peace, among so much nature. The portrait session just loved.

  7. Holy wow, you guys kick ass. Seriously, this entire wedding is awesome, but that first shot of the bride with the mirror…whoa!


    Sorry, too much caps? Love it.

  9. sachin khona says:

    Inspirational. So frickin good!

  10. Jose Chiyah says:

    amazing!! congratulations

  11. Excellent portraits! I love it

  12. The tall trees are perfect props to the amazing photos. Beautiful wedding indeed. 🙂

  13. This is fabulous!! Great post processing..love it!!

  14. Julia Manchik says:

    Such a beautiful setting!! You guys did so well. Love the red cups at the end. 😉

  15. wow!!!! SO GREAT!! i want to be a part of it too!

  16. You guys…seriously? This wedding blows my mind. You did an insane job.

  17. Incredible portraiture.

  18. Do you have any information as to where she got her bridesmaid dresses from? They are gorgeous!

    1. sarakbyrne says:

      I think J.Crew 🙂

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Do you know what campground this is? I love the trees!

    1. sarakbyrne says:

      Grayback Gulch campground 🙂

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