Updated October 1st, 2020.

Ireland is a magical country, perfect for eloping. It’s off the beaten path and unique in comparison to popular elopement destinations (like Iceland).  There are so many gorgeous areas where you can have a beautiful private ceremony without the crowds. It can also be a great vacation for your friends and family to join the celebration.

If you want to get married stateside in Big Sur or Yosemite, check out these guides.

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Ireland Elopement Packagesid=''>

8 hour package starting from $5000. Travel included anywhere in Ireland. Contact me here or send a note to dylan@dylanmhowell.com

Winter Elopement (seasons?)id=''>

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Ireland Elopement Videoid=''>

Link to favorite videographers

  1. Story of Eve
  2. Out of Mountain
  3. Bang Bang Academy

I love working together with videographers on the day of your elopement. We work together to create a plan for how we shoot the day, staying out of each other’s way and not interfering with how your elopement unfolds. I prefer to work with videographers who don’t overly script and interfere with the natural events of the day.

Best Elopement Trips Irelandid=''>

  1. Paddy wagon – This tour company is one of the best. Favorite tours include the Cliffs of Moher and Giants Causeway.
  2. Green bus – These hop-on/hop-off bus tours are a great way to see different cities across Ireland.

Places to Stay in Irelandid=''>

Castle/Ruins Elopementid=''>

  • Glin Castle – The ancestral home of the FitzGerald family, Knights of Glin. Located in County Limerick.
  • Kilkea Castle – A historic castle with history dating back to 1180, Kilkea Castle is a gorgeous castle an hour away from Dublin. 
  • Gregans Castle – This castle is nearby to the Cliffs of Moher.
  • Ashford Castle – One of the most luxurious and award winning castles in Ireland.
  • The Black Castle – A castle all to yourself on AirBnB for ~$300/night!

Dublin elopement locationsid=''>

Cork elopement locations

Kerry elopement locationsid=''>

Galway elopement locationsid=''>

Coming soon

Clare elopement locations

Coming soon

Outdoor Elopement Locationsid=''>

  1. Dingle
  2. Conor Pass
  3. Slea Head

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