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      Camera Reviews

      Over the years I have reviewed many cameras and lenses. My goal is to give a real world review with impressions aimed at a full-time photographer. I don’t shoot still-lives or charts. I don’t care about noise in the blue channel. I don’t know what that is. I care about the real stuff: reliability, ease of use in professional situations, AF accuracy and speed, skin tones, post production, and image character.

      Lightroom Preset Reviews

      I've also reviewed many of the preset packs that have been released for Lightroom. Gone are the days of being forced to build your own preset from scratch. Most of these presets are film emulations packs. Allowing you to quickly get much closer to the film tonalities you like, with much less effort. I have reviews of the presets from both VSCO and Mastin Labs. I try to include before and after images, showing you the preset compared to a blank Adobe standard preset. I also try to vary the lighting situations and color palettes in the images. Let me know if you have any Lightroom presets that you'd like to see reviewed.

      I've made a new website for lightroom preset reviews!

      Mentor Sessions

      I offer online and in-person mentoring sessions.

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      In-person session are generally a full-day affair. We start with me going over my typical workshop topics, covering everything from gear to marketing. I do a critique of your portfolio/website. Then we talk about typical portrait posing/light. I get a couple for us to shoot and then we return to go over post processing and digital workflow.

      Online mentor sessions are hourly and cover the subjects of your choice.

      Contact me if you'd like to talk more.