Mastin Labs Review | Kodak Portra 160

A review of Mastin Labs Kodak Portra 160 preset for Lightroom. These presets were designed originally for hybrid film/digital shooters that are trying to match their digital images to their film scans. I’m going to look at them a bit differently, because I’m not going to have a film comparison image. I’m going to see if these are a worthwhile preset for a digital photographer trying to to some extent to emulate film.

Below are example photos. The first photo is the raw with Adobe’s zeroed out sliders. The second photo has the noted preset applied, no other sliders were touched so you can see its actual effect to the image. The third image is then ran through Alien Skin Exposure after the Lightroom edit, mostly because I think it looks better and is what I would do if I was posting or delivering these images.

Kodak Portra 160 – Highlight Softmastin-portra-160-2mastin-portra-160-3mastin labs photo

Kodak Portra 160 – All Hard mastin-portra-160-all-hard-3 mastin-portra-160-all-hard-2mastin labs review photo

Kodak Portra 160 – Shadow Hard
mastin-portra-160-shadow-hard-3mastin-portra-160-shadow-hard-2mastin labs kodak portra 160 photo

Kodak Portra 160 – Shadow Soft
mastin-portra-160-shadow-soft-3 mastin-portra-160-shadow-soft-2mastin labs lightroom preset photo

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Mastin Labs Portra 160 Preset Review
7.3 Dylan's Review
  • Clean film tones
  • Easy to tweak
  • Emulates Portra 160 very well
  • Cons
  • Lack strong look
  • Somewhat Expensive
  • Summary
    My thoughts on these presets are pretty simple. They are clean. They look like film. They are easy to tweak.I modified a version of this preset and started applying it across many different shoots and it looked damn good all across the board. In many different lighting conditions.Will I start using these presets going forward? I'm not sure, but it has definitely got me thinking that I could. I need to sit back and make a stylistic decision because both my current preset and this cleaner film preset look good to me and I want to make sure I'm not just liking this because it's different than what I'm used to seeing on my work.
    Overall Look
    One Click Boom


    I always love your reviews! Thanks for sharing, Dylan.

    I’m sorry but I can’t really tell the difference.

    thanks mate, at the Wolves I actually shot film : Portra 160 at 320, and actually, I retouch the few digital I had with Mastin Lab and VSCO 6, and this one was closer at the end … depend of your scan I reckon … good to try new things anyway

    Could you please outline what you do in ASE? Thank you so much, in advance.



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