motorcycle engagement photo

Motorcycle Engagement | Owyhee Desert | Nicole + Weston

A motorcycle engagement in the Owyhee Desert of Idaho. Nicole and Weston’s love is the kind that should make anyone jealous. They are both incredibly talented humans who seem to always be doing something rad. Nicole as an art director and inspiration for women to ride motorcycles. Weston is a tattoo artist with a unique traditional style and and part of the Farm Boys CC. Thanks go out to Jess Woodhouse for shooting with me.

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  1. Glenn Stephenson says:

    A beautiful series shot in the falling light of an amazing location. Well done!

  2. Gorgeous set of images, Dylan. The location, the people, the bike(s), the light: all perfect.

  3. I just got to say this, your photos are so amazing!!! The warm tones and everything. I also learned a lot from your previous posts regarding the VSCO packs which was really helpful.

    How did you post process this? What was the preset that you used? I would really like to produce some of these amazing images

  4. These photos are AMAZING!!! The Location and the Light.. everything was perfect!

    How did you post process this and what was the preset that you used?
    I’d really love to know.