Mt. Hood wedding portraits in the snow.

Many of these frames are film, Mamiya 645 + 400h. Dress by Sarah Seven.

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  1. Monica Justesen says:

    These are absolutely, 100% stunning. I’m in love!


  3. OH EM GEE guys! This post is so full of beauty!

  4. sessions like this make me wish i lived in PNW… great work

  5. Perfectly beautiful session. And I din’t even like snow! 😉

  6. Epic engagement session indeed! Really pretty work…again 🙂

  7. Paul Krol says:

    Absolute perfection!

  8. lovin’ this shoot… second to last photo was my fave. beautiful!

  9. Albert Palmer says:

    This blows my mind – what a location! The light! The processing! Beautiful.

  10. David Campbell says:

    INSANELY good! I wish it snowed here in Sydney!!!

  11. absolutely breathtaking work guys.

  12. of course, you guys nailed it once again.

  13. Heather Curiel says:

    So beautiful. Digital has come so far! I never thought I would see the day where film and digi look the same. The last black and white photo is pure magic.

  14. heather nan says:

    Shooting in the snow is seriously, so stunning. Well done folks, well done.

  15. THOSE EYES!!! Such a gorgeous couple and AMAZING photography!!!

  16. Kelsie Taylor says:

    gosh these are beautiful! love her lip color.

  17. Paul Underhill says:

    Stunning portrait photography. I’m quite jealous of the location. The couple look stunning and perfectly styled for the shoot. Fantastic work.

  18. Stephen Shefrin says:

    These look awesome. Great Work

  19. WOW WOW WOW This is incredible! Amazing work Sara!

  20. These are so beautiful where at Mt. Hood were these taken at?

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