I love a good adventure. So do Nick and Danielle. So for their session we decided to hike down into the gorge and see how far back we could go. We balanced on rocks and climbed over giant fallen trees and we managed to get through it all without any of us falling in the water. Oh, and we took some beautiful engagement photos too. At the end of the evening we chased the sunset to the top of the cliffs. Oregon is so full of beauty! It was a good day and I am so excited for Danielle & Nicks Portland wedding later this summer.

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  1. Wonderful work Sara! Really love this one, so inspiring. Best regards from Chile!

  2. Megan Saul says:

    Beautiful work as always!

  3. Jillian Zamora says:

    Just. perfect. Great work, Sara! It’s always inspiring.

  4. Beautiful! I’m hoping to visit Oregon this summer (I’m from Nebraska) so this stirred up some excitement for the trip 🙂

  5. Jack Chauvel says:

    No words. Love them all.

  6. The colors and location and models and photogs. Insane.

  7. Ines Tucakovic Clark says:

    Seriously you guys. These colors and unreal.

  8. Amazing place and breath taking photos! Really good

  9. dalelempa says:

    Way cool! Awesome consistency in style that matches your settings.

  10. You two are just redonkulous! Your fantastic!

  11. Sooo, so pretty! I love all these earthy tones and the super relaxed feel!

  12. mathias fast says:

    the shot of the standing side by side on the log is so solid. such a good set!

  13. these are beautiful! i love how tiny they are in this big awesome landscape. exploring the world together.

  14. Dallas Kolotylo says:

    Fantastic work work guys, that last image just blows my mind away! And the close up of the two of them in front of the window with the setting sun glaring off the corner, amazing.

  15. Angel Kidwell says:

    I love an adventure, and the last pictures with the sun setting….amazing.

  16. love it so much!! very nice adventure

  17. Amaze balls, love the location too

  18. So organic! I now want to get lost in an Oregon forest.

  19. Pan makuha says:

    Amazing trip, thanks!

  20. Been following you for a while man- really enjoyed this set!

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