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My Favorite Airbnb Elopement Locations in Oregon

Elopements have become extremely popular this year with traditional weddings being thwarted by the pandemic. Fortunately, airbnb’s are still a very popular option for a socially distanced wedding experience. They are essentially private homes you can rent for weddings and elopements. 

Here in Oregon there are many elopement worthy airbnbs nestled in nature. Whether you want to be secluded in the mountains or experience the tranquil nature of the Oregon Coast, we’ve picked out a few of our favorite airbnb’s that are perfect for your elopement experience. 

Without further adieu, here are some of our favorite Airbnbs in Oregon for your elopement!

Mount Hood 

  1. Klaus Haus – A Cozy, Modern Retreat in Rhododendron.

  2. Niksen House – Scandanavian style Cabin at Mt. Hood.

  3. The Hide & Seek – Vintage/Modern Cabin with Sauna.

  4. Rancho Relaxo – A Beautiful Mountain A-Frame.
    rancho relaxo airbnb
    (Note, Rancho Relaxo has strict covid protocols in place and isn’t well suited for elopement ceremonies.)

Oregon Coast

  1. Oceanside A-Frame

  2. The Dude’s Abode

  3. The Honu House

  4. Serene Retreat on the Nehalem River

Oregon Wine Country

  1. Idyllic Countryside Getaway at Wilson Farm Cottage

  2. The Cuvee Cottage (Downtown Carlton)

  3. Great Cabin – Heart of Wine Country

Columbia River Gorge

  1. Gorge Modern Cabin

  2. Red A-Frame

  3. Cozy PNW/Scandinavian Gorge Cabin

  4. Elsie’s View: Cozy Vintage/Modern Cabin


  1. Cozy Three Story Lookout Tower

  2. A-Frame of Mind

  3. Gateway to Painted Hills! Downtown Prineville Loft

Can you elope at an airbnb?

You need to check with each individual host to see if they have rules on hosting events. If you’re only doing a 3 person elopement, you’re likely fine.

For more information on planning elopements in Oregon, here are my packages and information.


The first step is choosing a location for your elopement. Think about what kind of scenery moves you and where you envision yourself marrying your partner. Do you love the ocean and the coastal landscape? Do you want striking views of Mt. Hood? Do you simply want privacy and seclusion? These are all things to carefully consider before beginning your initial Airbnb search. 

Need some elopement location inspiration? Check out the Oregon Elopement Guide!

Number of Guests

Next, how many guests will be attending your small wedding or elopement? Is it just the two of you (and the photographer!)? Or will you have a few friends and family members joining you for the ceremony and cocktails around the fire afterward? Will your guests be staying with you in the airbnb or will they find their own accommodations? 

Potential Ceremony Locations

Most couples will want to have their drinks and dinner at the airbnb itself, but oftentimes our couples opt to go on a mini adventure to a nearby hiking trail, waterfall, or lookout. Does your airbnb have a great outdoor space for the ceremony or would you prefer to go to a location nearby to tie the knot?


The great thing about Airbnbs is the delightful details and personal touches that hosts include in their decor and design. This totally comes through in the photographs! We love shooting a bit of getting ready before the ceremony and capturing the environment around you. Find a space that truly inspires you and fits with your overall theme. A few vintage decor pieces with a summer camp vibe are very cohesive with a more adventurous elopement and a more modern interior will be perfect for something a bit more chic. Oh, and great natural light is a bonus that we photographers love!

Before You Book

Always communicate with the airbnb host before booking! Ask if having your elopement on their property is okay, especially if you are inviting any guests. You may want to be aware of any noise ordinances in the area, any event fees, or environmental restrictions. 

If possible, try to visit the property in person before booking. Photographs can sometimes be misleading and it would be a bummer if the airbnb was not as you envisioned. 

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Airbnb Associate, I earn when you book through the links on this page.

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