Portland Engagement Photography | Emily + Alex

Portland Engagement Photography

We went exploring in Portland with my beautiful cousin Emily and her awesome boyfriend Alex Rettmann. I sincerely cannot express how much I love these two. They are beautiful, they are silly, they are in LOVE!

I love photographing couples who truly enjoy just being around each other. Watching these two interact was magic. Smiles adorned their faces the whole time we toured around Portland. Their playful nature kept things light and easily shows through.

I can’t wait to spend more time with these beautiful people. I hope these photos make you smile too.

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  1. Brilliant Light Photography says:

    She is SO pretty. And these colors and tones are flawless. <3

  2. Jess White says:

    These are awesome! It’s so great to capture love like this.

  3. Robert Meredith says:

    Boomdiggity! Hottttt couple, gorgeous light.. and you guys killed the rest! x

  4. Thanks for the update~ the runner in the last pic 🙂 hehe, cute

  5. These are fantastic! Loving the tones Sara & Dylan

  6. Awesome! This is completely amazing work with so many wonderful images captured -what an amazing set! Bravo!

  7. chris prestidge says:

    love these push processing tones!!

  8. Amazing. I love your style so much

  9. Sam Docker says:

    WHOA, absolutely loving this!

  10. Gavin Farrington says:

    The light, the couple, and the outfit all go perfectly together. Love these.

  11. Mary Sylvia says:

    Love love love (as per!). I feel like I could write an essay on loving your shoots:)

  12. Andy Gaines says:

    Kaboom! Great work as ever guys!

  13. Alyssa Schroeder says:

    Such a stylish couple. I love the ones with the blue wall, the wide bw and that last one!

  14. Luke Hayden says:

    Your work is amazing. Really happy to stumble upon your site

  15. Great pictures as always! Love their clothing style!

  16. Adam Ward says:

    Super cool shoot!!! Loving your processing.

  17. Lydia Lynn says:

    What a great looking couple! Images are amazing too.

  18. Daniel Ha says:

    Absolutely gorgeous tones and real life moments at this session. Beautiful work.

  19. fer juaristi says:

    Love this set guys – it’s all there