Portland Proposal | Latourell Falls | Caitlin + Thad

Portland Proposal

Thad + Caitlin came back to Portland to see inspiring landscapes, hang out at Mystic Seminars, and (unknown to Caitlin) Thad was going to propose. I was so stoked when he texted me to see if I was open to come document the day. We’d met the summer before and knew that it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me to tag along on the adventure with my camera. For location we decided on a gorgeous morning drive into the Columbia River Gorge to go to the base of Latourell Falls. It truly means so much to me to be present for these major life events. To be trusted to document them and to make beautiful images for amazing humans.


Congratulations Caitlin!! Congrats to you to Karen Guidry I am sure this made you happy.

i cannot stop thinking about these photos!! they are so absolutely perfect!

This literally made me cry:) for two people who capture so much of other people’s joy it’s amazing to see the both of you in the same scenario. You two are adorable together:). I’ve thought that from day one. So happy for you guys.

Beautiful couple and beautiful photos! This brought tears to my eyes all over again!

Thank you for sharing. These to photographed my daughter’s wedding & it’s so beautiful to see the ring in the other hand!!!! So so happy for them!!

Gorgeous photos! So happy for you guys!

The progression is perfect Caitlin Guidry!!!! I love how you got on your knees too

Love these two! Love your work! Love all of this! <3 <3 <3