The Salton Sea. Many years ago I was up far too late watching a History channel documentary. It was about this once spectacular playground turned dead wasteland outside of San Diego. For some reason I was intrigued, it was on my list.

The Arroyo’s accompanied us on this little adventure, they’re a couple talented kids that share our love of denim.  Check them out here

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  1. Isos Photography says:

    Amazing photos!

  2. You just became my official favorite photography duo:) thanks for being an invaluable source of inspiration!

  3. Lacey Ward says:

    I adore these! Amazing.

  4. Barney Walters says:

    Cool trip, or rather looks like a cool trip. 😀 Loving the toy town pictures.

  5. Céline Hamelin Photography France says:

    Would looove to see this place with my own eyes !! :/ Beautiful images. Thanks.

  6. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] says:

    They are your fashion twins!

    Ps, in love with this shot: httpss://

  7. The place and the denim wear give such a great, somewhat otherworldly feel. Lovely.

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