Thank you for posting! I’m trying to learn about SEO. Nowadays, you have to be an awesome photographer AND a SEO wizard.

Thanks so much for sharing this! It’s so helpful – my views dropped suddenly couple months ago so now just to try to implement it all and get back up!

Thanks for taking the time to share it with all of us!

Great work! You did great research! I have realized something about user intent and photography in my city. I don’t ever expect to rank on page 1 for something like “Photographer in London Ontario”. User intent dictates that most people searching that phrase are looking for wedding or portrait photographers. There are not many people searching for an architectural photographer like me. If people see you on page 1, they are not wanting an architectural photographer so they would never click through. I’d just fade away lol

Thanks for sharing so much good stuff on SEO, man. Appreciate it

Loads of amazing info here. Thanks for sharing!

So much good info! Thank you for taking the time to learn this and share it with all of us. So helpful!

Oh my gosh thank you so much for adding this. Seriously. I am going to dive deep into it this week and work more on my SEO. You rock.

Thanks Dylan for this informative blogpost. I am still struggling with the loading times of my website. What image dimensions do you recommend for 2019?

Image dimensions are completely theme dependent. I’d first look at what screens most of your visitors are viewing your site on. That will give you an idea of where your max should end up. I typically use ~1800-2000px wide on the long edge for home page main images.

It’s fine if you have a few large images, as long as they’re well compressed and not blocking first meaningful paint.