alta mountain flowers wedding photo

Adriana and Ryan had us out to Salt Lake City, Utah for a gorgeous mountain engagement session. We drove into the mountains to find meadows covered in wild flowers. The vistas were inspiring and the light was just right.


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  1. Anne und Björn says:

    Wow, what an awesome shooting!!

  2. Jack Chauvel says:

    Freakin awesome.

  3. Wow you two. Just amazing simply amazing!

  4. Amazing engagement session! You guys rock!

  5. Eileen Simmons says:

    These photos are just beautiful of two very beautiful people. I love them both with all of my heart. Mother of the Groom

  6. These are majestic! Beautiful couple and work!

  7. Beautiful work, as usual! I love their style.

  8. Lisa Bennett says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Albert Palmer says:

    Yeah, so these are pretty stunning…! Top work guys…

  10. Outstanding stuff. Love it.

  11. Adonye Jaja says:

    well, that was like frosted flakes, Gggrreat!!

  12. Brian Kraft says:

    Holy yes! So gorgeous. I’m photographing a wedding in the mountains of Utah in a few days and now you have me super pumped!

  13. Tim Kamppinen says:

    Gorgeous location and beautiful images!

  14. Heather E says:

    This gives me such happy feels. What a beautiful, peaceful place. Amazing photographs, as always.

  15. Darren Gair says:

    Beautiful session, so so good. That location is just breathtaking.

  16. Oh my. This is downright beautiful.

  17. Hands down the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while. Location, couple – framing, everything. Amazing

  18. Fete Photography says:

    Jaw on the floor. This looks like some magical place that doesn’t exist in real life. Beautiful work you two!

  19. Brian Davis says:

    Wow, that looks so surreal. I’m stunned. Brilliant.

  20. Can you share specifics on where this location is? I’m doing my family pictures next week and would love to find a location like this!

  21. liam smith says:

    so jealous man, that location! quality work

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