vsco film 00 review

VSCO FILM 00 Review | Free Starter Pack

Updated January 1, 2017. Unfortunately, VSCO has discontinued this free pack.

Today VSCO released Film Pack 00 as a free download for anyone wanting to try out photo editing in Lightroom. It features two of their most popular presets, Kodak Gold 100 and Tri-x Push/Pull. There are over 30 variations of the two presets included in this pack. You can also download a free trial of the new Lightroom 6.

I couldn’t get the before/after’s to work on our new site.. so you’ll see the before and then the one-click preset applied. These are great presets for general use, we’ve loved the Gold 100 and Sara has used it for the majority of her personal work as well as some wedding/portrait work. The Tri-X Pushed 2 stops preset is one of my all-time favorites for black and white. Did I mention it’s free.

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[twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-2vsco 00 kodak tri-x pushed 2 stops[/twentytwenty]Tri-X Pushed 2[twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-3vsco kodak gold 100 alt 2 [/twentytwenty]Kodak Gold 100 – Alt 2 [twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-4vsco kodak gold 100 portrait [/twentytwenty]Kodak Gold 100 Portrait [twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-5vsco 00 kodak gold 100 soft highs[/twentytwenty]Kodak Gold 100 Soft Highlights[twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-7vsco kodak gold 100 photo[/twentytwenty]Kodak Gold 100[twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-8kodak gold 100[/twentytwenty]Kodak Gold 100 [twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-9vsco 00 kodak gold 100 cool[/twentytwenty]Kodak Gold 100 Cool[twentytwenty]vsco-00-before-10       kodak tri-x pushed two stops plus vsco 00[/twentytwenty]Kodak Tri-X Pushed 2

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  1. Awesome before / afters – you guys are onto it! Just as a side though, your menu takes up 1/3 of the space of a retina mbp screen so it’s so much harder to look at your images now, you have to line it up perfectly just to see a whole image

  2. its very nice preset for everyday photos. It’s make your photo pop and dramatic.

  3. Thanks for sharing your before and afters :). Great work!!! love it 🙂

  4. should be fixed now! thanks 🙂

  5. hould be fixed now! thanks 🙂

  6. I lost my Film 00 pack after reinstalling (and forgetting to save the presets). Can I somehow get the pack again, please?

  7. nerea soledad says:

    me encantó estos paquetes de filtros, me enteré hace poco,
    me hubiese gustado poder conseguir la version gratis.
    hay alguna manera de conseguirlo?
    si lo tienes me lo puedes enviar?

  8. I can’t even tell how sad I am that I missed out those presets… they look amazing!
    And your photos are stunning, too 🙂

  9. Hi Dylan, I really love these, especially the black and whites and the Gold. Do you mind me asking – what is your current wedding photography camera? You were Fuji for a while I think?

    1. These were canon, I did fuji for a few years and am back on canon R6’s.