VSCO released their newest film presets for Lightroom & ACR today. We took a few minutes to look at them on one of our latest sessions. Rollover the photos and you’ll see the SOOC image.

(All images 5Diii + 50L)

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PX680 Warm

FP-3000b –

FP-100c Cool


FP-100c ++

FP-100c ++

FP-100c ++ ALT

Time Zero Polaroid Expired Cold

PX680 Warm ++

Polaroid 690 Cold


PX680 Cold ++ ALT

Most of these are a bit extreme, just like the instant films they emulate. We’ve shot almost every one of these instant films and can definitely see their distinct characteristics showing through.

We tried a few of these presets on one of our latest engagement shoots, it was a foggy/overcast day and the FP-100c presets look pretty amazing.. those images should hit the blog tomorrow.

We probably won’t be using these for most of our client work.. but they are super fun and might sneak their way into quite a few of our personal photos.

Also, we’re super happy to see these presets working their magic on Fuji files, we have a bunch of images on our x100 ready to download 🙂

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  1. Hi I currently got ahold of vsco films from a torrent site, with its presets and camera profiles, curves etc. I’m an inspiring wedding photographer but can’t seem to find any fo the filter works. Is it better if I buy it on vsco? I dont know what seems to be wrong why I cant get the same effect as it should be. Pls help!

    thank you!


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