VSCO Film 04 – Slide Film – Review

Here are a few before/after images using the new VSCO Film 04 Slide Film pack(available here). We were so excited when we heard about this collection of presets, the look of slide film is so gorgeous and we’d been trying to get there on our own for a while on some personal work. Many of our favorite images are from the 50’s/60’s, shot on slide film.  Hover over the photo to see the straight out of camera image.

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Kodak E100VS & Fade Shadowvsco 04 slide film kodak e100vs example photo

Kodak E100vs+++vsco 04 slide film kodak e100vs example photo

Kodak E200 Balance Coolvsco 04 slide film kodak e200 example photo

Fuji Velvia 50 – Shadow Savevsco 04 slide film fuji velvia 50 example photo

Fuji Astia 100Fvsco 04 slide film fuji astia 100f example photo

Fuji Fortia SP+++vsco 04 slide film fuji fortia sp example photo

Agfa Scala 200++vsco 04 slide film agfa scala example photo

Fuji Provia 100Fvsco 04 slide film fuji provia 100f example photo

Fuji Fortia SPvsco 04 slide film fuji Fortia SP example photo

Kodak E100G+++vsco 04 slide film Kodak e100g example photo

We’re super excited about these presets and can’t wait to process with them, the colors and contrast are spot on.. this will be great news to photographers that miss the look of now discontinued slide films!

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  1. Looks great – my favourite being Kodak E100G+++, Agfa Scala 200++, Fuji Astia 100F – did you have to adjust the exposure, shadows, highlight and contrast much with these presents?

  2. Great photographs! Thanks for sharing. Looks like there’s a lot more than VSCO 04 applied to these based on some of the comparisons. Or maybe that was just lens distortion correction?

  3. Purchased VSCO Film 04 right after reading your review! After playing around with it yesterday night, it has become my favorite Film Pack!

  4. I love when you guys review gear/software! If I already have a few favorite vsco presets from 01, do you think its worth adding all these to my collection? I’m very tempted with their super sale right now!

  5. So very happy they have released this, especially Astia 100F. I have hoarded as many rolls as I could find since it was discontinued and slowly but surely use them on occasion 😀

    You chose a pretty awesome sample range to show as before/after tho!

  6. i think these photos convinced me to get it, honestly. i wasn’t completely swayed when i looked at the official VSCO site. but these? too beautiful. 🙂

  7. Lovely examples- saw the release earlier and was sitting on the fence whether to update or not but you may have just convinced me.. of course your initial captures are gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing!


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