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      From the start of my wedding photography career, I realized the importance of SEO. You typically have two options when attracting new clients, paying for them with ads or getting them for free from social media and search engines. Since I was young and had spent all of my money on cameras, I had to go with the later. My obsession with building web traffic hasn’t stopped since those early days.

      I’ve since become and educator and consultant for SEO, working on sites ranging from 5 page photography portfolios to e-commerce giants with over 1,000,000 pages. Every day I come across an issue or technique I hadn’t seen before and that’s a major reason I love SEO.

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      10 Quick SEO Tips for Wedding Photographers

      1. Don’t forget to write.
      2. Optimize your images.
      3. Blog as often as you can.
      4. Link your pages and posts internally.
      5. Build resources for your clients.
      6. Plan your site structure.
      7. Don’t forget to share on all social channels.
      8. It’s good to link out.
      9. Create content that people want to link to.
      10. Make it easy to contact you from any page.

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      Everything Google My Business

      Everything Titles + Meta Descriptions

      Auditing Your Site for Quality

      Stealing Position 0 – Featured Snippets

      Site Architecture Basics

      Targeting New Locations (Moving your business)

      Everything You Need to Know About Google Search Console


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      Search Engine Optimization Tutorials

      I teach SEO to photographers who want more website traffic and don’t want to pay monthly fees for wedding blog advertisements.

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