Wrecked Metals – Traditional hotrod and chopper shop – Boise, Idaho

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I loaded up the camera’s and hit the pavement with Matt Whitlock from Wrecked Metals.  His bike is absolutely stunning and it gets ridden.  Matt had found the perfect spot to take some bike photos, the building in the background is so rad.  After we took a few still shots, we jumped in the back of our truck and rolled around the desert taking photos of him riding.  Definitely a fun shoot and a bit different than what we’ve been doing lately. .on to the pics:

Wrecked Metals 22 photo

Wrecked Metals 1 photo

Wrecked Metals 2 photo

Wrecked Metals 3 photo

Wrecked Metals 4 photo

Wrecked Metals 5 photo

Wrecked Metals 6 photo

Wrecked Metals 7 photo

Wrecked Metals 8 photo

Wrecked Metals 9 photo

Wrecked Metals 10 photo

wrecked metals 11 photo

A few from the second shoot for a few more bike shots, I’d shot most of them on film during the first shoot.. film that was loaded backwards.. definitely learned a life lesson there.

Wrecked Metals 12 photo

Wrecked Metals 13 photo

Wrecked Metals 15 photo

Wrecked Metals 16 photo

Wrecked Metals 17 photo

Wrecked Metals 18 photo

wrecked metals 18 photo

Wrecked Metals 20 photo

Wrecked Metals 21 photo

Wrecked Metals 21 photo

Wrecked Metals 21 photo

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  1. michele bowman says:

    i love how you captured the motion and speed of these bikes! fun!

  2. great shots, love the ones of the guys at the side of the road on their bikes…

  3. soobum im says:

    Great bike shots from motion to details. Great job!

  4. pret-ty cool stuff! that first shoot would have been such a challenge for me – you guys did an awesome job and the light is spectacular.

  5. Love the shiny chrome + well-worn leather seat contrast. The warm light in the first few frames is gorgeous.

  6. I really love the first shot, then my second fav is the 4th one down, moving around the curve. awesome.

  7. Nice work; fully makes me want to get out on the open road.

  8. Nice. I want me one of those…

  9. Steve Koo says:

    These are awesome – nice job!

  10. Great work here! I originally viewed them on flickr, but I loved them all so much I thought I would comment on them as a whole here!

    Great work!

  11. tim coulson says:

    man, this is rad. i love it, a lot.

  12. Alan Langley - Dover says:

    I am not into bikes but these are superb, I can almost smell them !! The use of light is great.

  13. Nicest panhead I’ve ever seen! Matt has it handled! Unbelievable photo shots!