Yosemite. A place that I’d put off visiting for the first 29 years of my existence. I’d imagined it to be overrun with tourists and that it couldn’t compare with the “real” mountains we have in the Northwest. I was so very wrong. Meeting Paula + Chris here was a treat. They flew over from Northern Ireland to elope before heading out on an epic honeymoon of travels. For all of us to have fresh eyes on this place added to the excitement. None of us had seen the ceremony location before we hiked up. We hadn’t scouted for portraits or done any planning. Just wake up, get married and chase the light together..


      Amazing pics, really love the colors and the backgrounds. This makes me want to visit it. Moreover, they seems to be alone in the world… so romantic !

      These photos are breathtaking! My fiancé and I are thinking of eloping here. Could you please tell me how bad the crowds were? Did it make it difficult to take photos of the couple?

      There are definite crowds at Glacier point, but Taft point is less crowded due to short hike.

      Your work is absolutely stunning. My fiance and I are getting married in Yosemite next week, can you please let me know the location of these photos? Any help given would be much appreciated.

      Glacier Point & Taft Point 🙂

      Woow, amazing photos and emotion:) I Love this:)

      Views & images like these could make any marriage cynic want to start dating, just to have a chance at a day like this.

      Hello Dylan,

      First of, have to say that really love your work! 🙂
      Cam I ask for a little help from you. I’m with doubts between a 28mm or a 35mm lens. Can you remember what lens were you using in this broom bedroom? The photo where we can see the bed. Really like that prespective.


      Tee location is amazing! Very beautiful pictures!

      Wonderful shots:) May I ask what vsco preset did you use on these? I really like the tones

      LOVE IT! That last couples shot for the win though!!

      Just incredible.. love them all.

      I’ve been waiting for this one. So breathtaking.

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