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I’m a photographer.


I came to Portland from Boise, Idaho. I quickly fell in love with the city while on a photo assignment and instantly decided I needed to move. I live near Mt. Tabor with my two cats and partner Jess.

I’ve been working as a photographer for 10 years.

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A few years back, I decided to move to Portland, Oregon.

Capturing these stories for others gives me an incredible feeling of satisfaction, one that I've never found anywhere else.

I wanted to be closer to the nature of the Pacific Northwest, to be near the ocean, and to surround myself with interesting and artistic people. Through my travels, I never find a place that feels more like home.

I'm often asked why I shoot weddings and the answer is simple. There is no better workplace. Where else are you surrounded by love, beauty, happiness and joy every time you go to work?

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I teach marketing to photographers

Over my career, I’ve been lucky to learn quite a bit about marketing for photographers. I have a business that teaches photographers how to be found online. It is incredibly rewarding to see their growth and success.


Jakarta / Indonesia

Travel Dates

September 21

Ahvaz / Iran

October 16

Travelling is like air for me. I’ve been on the road ever since I got my driver’s license at 16. And while my goal is not a number (I don’t plan to see EVERY country on the globe), I do try to explore as much as I can, continuously pushing myself to see new angles and details in plain views that seem insignificant at first.

Quezon City / Philippines

January 30

Campinas / Brazil

April 2

Fukuoka / Japan

June 13

Cali / Colombia

July 28

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Monterrey / Mexico

August 8