About Me



Somewhere on a rock overlooking an emerald swimming hole with a cascading waterfall in the background sits a steaming thermos. That thermos is half full, it is mine and I most probably just made the plunge. I run entirely on cappuccinos and insane views and although my life looks to most like full-time adventure, it has led me to my greatest work behind the camera.

My Story

I grew up in Idaho, where the desert met the forest. I spent most days outside exploring and playing in nature. Racing motorcycles on the dirt and then racing bicycles on the road. Traveling for a wedding, I fell in love with Portland and the people that make it great and promptly moved here.

I still race bicycles & ride my motorcycle. Exploring the natural beauty this state has to offer is my favorite pastime. I can’t think anything more inspiring than a bit of fresh air whooshing by me.

 Photography has been a part of my life since my parents bought me a film camera for my 7th grade photography darkroom class, I still have it and still shoot it. Photography allows me to share the way I see the world. To tell stories. To make something beautiful.