Updated September 24th, 2022.

Here is a list of wedding venues in Portland, Oregon. We're lucky to have everything from old warehouses, rustic barns, A-Frames in the woods, to whimsical waterfalls and gorgeous coastlines.

I've shot at almost every venue in Portland. If one is missing that you'd like to see, please leave a comment. I'll be updating this with example images, blog posts, or galleries from each venue.

If you have any questions or want to know my thoughts on a particular venue, please contact me.

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What are the Best Indoor Portland Wedding Venues?

  1. Union/Pine - (blog post)
    This lovely warehouse space near the waterfront is one of my favorites. There are multiple nearby portrait locations, the venue is gorgeous and has nice light throughout the entire day. It's indoor, but the receptions often spill out onto the sidewalk area.
  2. Cooper's Hall
    Just down the street from Union/Pine is another great location in SE. The bar is gorgeous and the cafe lights inside have a beautiful ambiance at night. The wine barrels are also a nice touch.
  3. Yale Union
    This historic art space is a lovely spot for a wedding. Also located in industrial SE Portland.
  4. Left Bank Annex
    This large warehouse space has modern interior and a spacious dance floor. It is large enough to handle decently sized weddings (it is approved for over 900 people!)
  5. The Evergreen - (blog post)
    Another historic warehouse space on the East side. The balcony area is great for grabbing photos from above or a grand entrance to your ceremony or reception.
  6. Eastside Exchange
    This venue has one of the best roof top views in all of Portland. It's the perfect spot for a ceremony or small reception. There is another space on the floor below if you need to fit more people!
  7. The Benson Hotel
    This upscale hotel in downtown Portland looks like it is out of a movie. The building is classy and historic. One of my favorite portrait locations is the golden doorway at the bank across the street.
  8. The Castaway
    This large warehouse space in NW Portland is a great location for an indoor wedding. It's close to Forest Park if you'd like to sneak away for portraits. There is also a nursery next door that will allow you to rent out their space for a quick portrait session or possibly cocktail hour.
  9. Elysian Ballroom
  10. Ecotrust Building
  11. Portland Art Museum
    This is a lovely location for a wedding, but be careful with portraits in the Museum. Even after clearing the ability to take photos inside the museum with staff before booking, I've had clients be turned away at the door.
  12. Silcox Hut
    This is technically indoors, but you're at over 7000' elevation on the side of Mt.Hood. It's accessible by snowcat during the winter and dirt road in the summer. The portrait opportunities around it are immense. The Hut itself is perfect for intimate weddings and receptions. The decor is perfect 1960's mountain cabin. The food is also surprisingly incredible.
  13. Jacobsen Salt Factory
  14. The Jupiter Hotel
  15. Barn Kestrel - A lovely historic home and barn tucked into the farmland near West Linn.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Portland

  1. Cathedral Park (pictured, right)
    This lovely park under the St. John's Bridge makes for the perfect elopement or even wedding ceremony spot.
  2. Hoyt Arboretum
    One of my favorite places in Forest Park, this area has beautiful Red Wood trees, a great A-Frame structure, and endless trails for portraits.
  3. Mt. Hood Organic Farms
    This venue outside of Hood River has the best view of Mt. Hood in the area, a true stunner.
  4. Leach Botanical Garden
    This venue is somewhat of a hidden gem in the Portland area. It has lovely historic structures and incredibly scenic grounds.
  5. Lewis & Clark College
  6. Horning's Hideout
  7. Skamania Lodge
  8. Suttle Lodge
  9. Vernonia Springs
  10. The Griffin House (Hood River) - This is a new favorite, located on a cliff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge. See why in the blog post.

st johns cathedral park wedding photo

Small Wedding Venues in Portland, Oregon

  1. Fermenter - The venue I picked for my wedding. A vegan tasting menu done by the most talented vegan chef in Portland.
  2. Coopers Hall Northeast - A great new venue by the wonderful people of Cooper's Hall.

Winery Wedding Venues in Oregon

  1. Domaine de Broglie Vineyard
  2. Gorge Crest Vineyards (Blog Post)
  3. Saffron Fields Vineyard
  4. Laurel Ridge Winery
  5. Zenith Vineyard
  6. Beacon Hill Winery
  7. Ponzi Vineyards
  8. Maysara Winery

Inexpensive or Free Wedding Venues in Oregon

  1. Portland Parks
  2. Silver Falls State Park
  3. McMenamins Edgefield
  4. A Woods Cove
  5. Cannon Beach
  6. The Columbia River Gorge (under 50-75 people, depending on location)

Hotels for Getting Ready in Portland, Oregon

AirBnB's in Portland

lookout tower airbnb in Oregon

I have a curated list of AirBNB's in Oregon that would be perfect to stay in or have small elopements.

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  1. My daughter is getting married at The Water Oasis in Newberg, OR. The wedding is scheduled for end of July, 2021 as she had to postpone from last July due to COVID-19. We are so excited to decorate the venue and get her and her fiancé married!!!☀️


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