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      Here is my list of the 100 best wedding blogs that you should submit to in 2017. The blogs might have a specific social media network that it is most successful on, some have more web traffic, others cater to a certain style of bride or wedding, etc. To help with this, I sorted them by Domain Authority, which is one of the better metrics for knowing the strength of the website.

      For 2020, I’m  updating the statistics with a more accurate tool by Ahrefs called Domain Rating. This tool not only allows you to compare how strong a website’s backlink profile is, but also shows an estimate for how much organic traffic it has. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to compare which blog to either be featured on or advertise with.

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      Top Wedding Blogs for 2020

      best wedding blogs 2017

      1. Etsy
      2. The Knot
      3. Style Me Pretty
      4. Martha Stewart Weddings
      5. Green Wedding Shoes
      6. Ruffled Blog
      7. My Wedding
      8. Wedding Chicks
      10. 100 Layer Cake

      SEO is still largely ruled by how many strong websites are linking to your domain. Social media statistics are more difficult to get data on, as the actual followings are not nearly as important as the quantity and quality of the interaction. I recommend trying to find blogs that fits your aesthetic, your location, and the weddings you’d like to shoot. If you’re wanting to travel more, this is the easiest way to get your work in front of a larger audience.

      Why try to get your work featured on a blog? There are many reasons. First, it’s another backlink to your site, which will help your SEO longterm. Second, you generally get a surge of traffic that day and residual traffic for years after. Third, the wedding blogs generally rank high for tougher keywords than you can, which means brides will be seeing your work that normally wouldn’t. And Fourth, the wedding blogs typically have great social media interaction, a feature can give you a nice boost of followers.

      I also have a column for commenting, there are endless debates in the SEO world about no-follow blog comments and if they’re a benefit. I believe them to be worth your time, they can definitely create small amounts of traffic and help get your name out. Just don’t be annoying, use your real name and not a spammy keyword for your link.

      Q+A With Junebug Weddings Executive Editor Nicole Seligman

      junebug editor nicole seligman
      Photo: Jess Jolin

      What is the first thing Junebug looks for in a wedding submission?

      As a resource for wedding planning inspiration, Junebug aims to showcase weddings that highlight the couple’s own sense of style throughout the day. We hope to encourage our readers to plan a celebration that is filled with personal details and elements that are unique to their taste and relationship, rather than a wedding that’s been copied-and-pasted from what they’ve seen elsewhere. We love fashion-forward couples, distinct and cohesive style throughout the decor, and seeing the couple interact with their wedding details in some way.

      How can photographers improve their chances of getting a submission accepted?

      A huge part of having a wedding or session accepted for Junebug is vertical-oriented images! We prefer to accept submissions with plenty of vertical photos because these perform the best on social platforms which bring traffic to the blog post (AKA your work!).

      What is your advice for a photographer that has just had their submission declined?

      First, don’t get down on your work. 99% of the time, the submissions we decline have nothing to do with the photography. So many elements are considered when we review submissions that are out of the photographer’s control entirely. Second, take a step back and look at the submission with a different perspective. What objectively stands out about the wedding? Is there an element related to the theme or vibe of the day, a unique use of the venue, a fun fashion choice, or something special about how the day was planned? Now consider what other publications might be interested in showcasing what makes this wedding special, like a regional or niche blog. At the end of the day, a blog’s job is to provide wedding planning ideas and inspiration, and incredible photographs and beautiful moments aren’t necessarily enough to guarantee publication. Whether or not you choose to submit the wedding elsewhere, we definitely recommend blogging the wedding on your own site!

      What is the best part about being a wedding blogger?

      We truly love connecting couples with the vendors and inspiration to make their dreams happen because we believe that everyone deserves a wedding worthy of their love.


      -Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions Nicole!

      Submission Tips

      Each of the blogs have different submission requirements. I’ve had luck emailing the editors with links to my blog posts, but it is sometimes necessary to either use their submission form or go through a service like Two Bright Lights. Some don’t accept submissions and you must try contacting the writers. Let me know if there are any blogs I missed!

      2020’s Best Wedding Blogs

      RankWedding Blog URLDomain AuthorityFacebook FollowingInstagram FollowingPinterest FollowingComments

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