An Iceland Elopement

Updated May 26th, 2019.

An Iceland elopement, a wedding ceremony in Toronto, and portraits at every waterfall we could find. Driving for hours while listening to Dawn Golden and gazing out from the rental car’s windows. Jess and Matt exchanged their vows to each other on a secluded fjord, an intimate moment just for themselves. Iceland was for them, to honor their love of travel and adventure. A few days later, they dressed up once again for the big wedding. A chance to share their love with family and friends.

All I Want


Well drafted pictures.
Thumbs up!

I like your color and style. I will watch you

Beautiful work and incredible place. Stunning!

This is amazing, absolutely amazing! Well done!

Oh man, I wanna go to Iceland – So good!

So very beautifully done Dylan!

Jess Craven these make me want to cry! So beautiful. Congrats, lady! Looks like the perfect wedding adventure. Fantastic photos, Dylan!


Love this also makes me want to go to Iceland!

Such an intimate and beautiful set of imagery. Loved viewing these!!

This is still in my top 5 favourite sets of wedding/elopement photos. Incredible!

Perfection, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dylan, I love the images you captured and how you made it into a beautiful story. The song choice is so perfect, it’s our favourite Dawn Golden song and it reminds me of driving in Iceland and gazing at the epic landscapes. Thank you <3