The Top 21 Podcasts for Photographers (Wedding / Portrait)

I have a decent podcast habit. The ability to listen to longer form discussions and content is quite refreshing in the era of 10 second Instagram reels. I wanted to put together a quick list of my favorite photography podcasts. It’s pretty incredible to live in a time where there is so much available information for photographers to learn from. I remember the days of Creative Live being the only photography education online.. now we have endless new content published each week from a wide variety of creators. (Post imagery from Midjourney v6)

How I selected these Podcasts

I’ve listened to the majority of these, but I also looked at reviews and data on overall audience. I wanted to make sure that only quality podcasts were included in the list and that it came from photographers of varied backgrounds.

The top Podcasts for Wedding & Portrait Photographers

  1. SEO for Photographers Podcast – I had to include the podcast that Corey Potter and myself have recorded over the past few years for Fuel Your Photos. We go in-depth on SEO and digital marketing topics, but keep it relatable and easy to digest for photographers of all knowledge levels.
  2. Wedding Photo Hangover: A lighthearted look at the real-life mishaps and behind-the-scenes happenings in wedding photography.
  3. Focus On Women: A diverse range of women photographers and creatives who share their experiences and expertise.
  4. BRYON: From Bryon Summers who previously did the “We’re Getting Better” podcast. Both educational and inspirational, he shares his personal experiences and journey.
  5. Street Photography Magazine: Interviews, how-tos, reviews, and events from the world of street and documentary photography. A varied list of guests that is always interesting.
  6. The Candid Frame: Hosted by Ibarionex Perello, this podcast provides insightful interviews with professional photographers from various genres. Perello’s deep conversations cover the art, craft, and business of photography, drawing from his own experiences as a photographer and educator.
  7. The Black Shutter Podcast: Hosted by Idris Talib Solomon, this podcast features conversations with Black photographers, filmmakers, and creative business minds. It delves into their stories, providing a platform to discuss their creative processes, the business of photography, and personal journeys.
  8. The Six Figure Photography Podcast with Ben Hartley: Emphasizes on marketing, business strategies, and inspiration to help photographers grow their income.
  9. In Focus with Dr. T: Dr. Tomayia Colvin hosts this podcast on transformational business tools and strategies to help you grow your business and brand to live a life of happiness and fulfillment.
  10. The Tog Republic: Features interviews and advice on building a brand and thriving creatively and financially in portrait photography.
  11. Bokeh – The Photography Podcast: Focuses on the business side of photography, helping photographers build successful strategies around their passion for capturing portraits and weddings. (just released their last episode, Dec 11th 2023)
  12. Endless Appreciation: A behind-the-scenes look at running a photography business, building a community platform, and sustaining creativity. Hosted by Daniel Agee, head of Community at Glass, and Sam Hurd, a wedding photographer and educator.
  13. PhotoBiz Xposed: Features interviews with successful photographers and industry experts, focusing on marketing and business strategies.

Did I Miss anyone?

There are so many podcasts in the photography world that don’t consistently upload, haven’t released a new episode in a few years, or are brand new. Let me know in the comments if you know of any that I should include above.

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  1. ‘The Snappening’, Greg and Tom are funny, chatty, and share their experiences. It’s a great podcast for long journeys or editing. If you’re a Fuji shooter, or not, ‘The Fujicast’ has great chat and great guests. And for the calming effect it has, and the wonderful guests, there’s ‘The Photowalk’