Mountain Lake Wedding | Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho

There are few things prettier than a mountain lake wedding at Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho.  Tranquil reflections of far off mountains surrounding you as you start the day. The crisp fresh air a constant reminder that you’re in a special place.
Allison and Paul’s day was uniquely gorgeous, even for McCall. There were unforgettable moments, good times with friends and family, and dance moves that would be hard to out do.  Enjoy.


Geez. The girl in the window with the napkin!

these first look shots are epic guys.

The before and after of the groom pre mustache/after is amazing. Love the whole day.

Aw wow – so much joy and happiness!

Nailed it again. What an incredible setting! Gorgeous guys.

SO good. Some of the best first look photos I’ve ever seen. Tops shelf stuff.

pretty much insane.

sarah and dylan. once again i love absolutely every photo. you two are so immensely talented i cant even HANDLE. So good!

oh man. the portraits on the dock. So killer.

Beautiful! Love the photos on the dock!

Loving all the wedding-y photos especially those ones on the pier, but that third one from the bottom – bam! Stars.

Ahhhhh so gorgeous! & that water must’ve been COLD!


All Killer, No Filler.

Absolutely stunning! Love you both!

Freaking GORGEOUS. I love everything, absolutely everything!

Beautiful!!!!!! Stunning!!!! There are no words

I love this wedding to pieces. That first look spot was seriously stunning.