Columbia River Gorge Portraits | Jameykay + Arlie

Columbia River Gorge Portraits

Last year Jameykay and Arlie came to Portland to proclaim their love and elope in the forest. One year later and they returned to celebrate with an anniversary session. We took them to the Columbia River Gorge, one of my favorite mini escapes from the city. Surrounded by the mountains and cliffs we almost didn’t notice the frigid temperatures. It’s wonderful to see a couple a year after the wedding still madly in love and talking about their lives together.

Cheers to you two!

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  1. Cassie Madden says:

    So, so beautifully done!! Completely captivated with your images, as always 🙂

  2. Dado Calabresi says:

    Awesome!!! I Loved!

  3. Luz Neutra says:

    Wonderful place, beautiful couple, perfect combo. Nice!

  4. Your photos are always so inspiring. Always completely on point, love the emotion you capture 🙂

  5. Břízinka says:

    This is how happiness looks like♥

  6. whooo amazing shots and place : ) great

  7. Niklas Andersen says:

    It all looks amazing as always.

  8. Pedro Bellido says:

    Amazing place, love these colors!

  9. Neil Palmer says:

    wow – looks cold, but real love and warmth coming from these images !

  10. Jonas Karlsson says:

    Love the golden light and barren landscape here. Amazing work.

  11. Elizat Turghan says:

    IT’s most beautiful!

  12. georgeous tones and the light. owhhh it’s just awesome