CAPE meares oregon wedding

Oregon Coast Cliff Wedding | Tara + Caleb

It was a misty day on the Oregon coast when Tara and Caleb were married. With friends and family near their sides we hiked up trails and found a sea cliff for the intimate ceremony. We were so happy to be a part of this lovely wedding.  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0007oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0014oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0009oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0005oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0001 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0002oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0012oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0003oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0024 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0008 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0011 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0013 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0016  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0004oregon-coast-wedding001  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0038oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0050 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0032 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0036oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0033oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0034oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0037 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0035 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0039 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0044oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0041 oregon-coast-wedding003oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0048 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0051  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0053oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0056  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0058 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0059oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0067 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0064  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0069 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0070oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0074 oregon-coast-wedding005 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0076 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0077 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0078 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0080 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0001-2 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0086 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0093 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0095oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0094  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0098 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0099 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0100 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0102      oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0108  oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0110 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0112 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0113 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0114 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0115 oregon-coast-cliff-wedding-0116

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  1. Serafin Castillo says:

    All the post is incredible, but the color is perfect!! Congratulations! I hope to see you this January

  2. These are beautiful images and incredibly wedding. So raw and real.

  3. Martha Miller says:

    If I ever get married, you’re gonna be my photogs. Beautiful, heartfelt, pictures. Loved every one of ’em.

  4. Ian Abdilla says:

    I wish I knew you before I got married… you would have been on the top 10 photographers to choose from… I cannot find words to describe thw amazement at seein this wedding

  5. Jack Chauvel says:

    Beautiful work team 🙂

  6. These are so beautiful. Thank you for being a part of our day…it already seems like a fairy tale far glad we had such talented artists there to document it.

  7. AJ Mellor says:

    What a unique and beautiful wedding. And the images are just stunning.

  8. Haydn Rydings says:

    Love the feel of this one, just beautiful.

  9. Rob Dodsworth says:

    Gorgeous captures and the emotions shines through!

  10. Love the one with the guests praying for the couple! Great work guys

  11. I absolutely LOVE the colors!! Weddings in the woods are always perfect.

  12. Can you tell me if this location was a private home or a venue? This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and amazing photography from one photographer to another! My daughter is looking for a wedding location exactly like this with the beach and the woods.