portland elopement photo

Portland Oregon Elopement | Jameykay + Arlie

Eloping in Portland, Oregon.

A few months back I received an amazing note from Jameykay, she was planning her quickly approaching elopement wanted to see if we could document the day in Portland. It was one of those emails that you have to re-read a few times because there is so much amazingness. She’s a talented photographer from Asheville, NC and her fiance is in a super cool band. They thought the idea of seeing Portland was a perfect fit for their wedding.

Yes, she’d be wearing a couture dress. Yes, we could go on a scouting adventure the day before with them to find the perfect ceremony location. Yes, we could do a day after portrait session at the Oregon Coast. Yes, they’d get all of the obscure Parks & Rec jokes.

It was an awesome experience hanging out all weekend, making both beautiful images and great friendships.

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“Keep It Together” by Decent Lovers

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  1. crazy good! cray x 1 million

  2. Oh my, oh my! I think this is the most beautifully captured wedding I’ve seen, ever! The intimacy and connections with the people there, and the utterly stunning locations. SO beautiful on every level!

  3. Jack Chauvel says:

    Purely amazing work guys.

  4. Stunning. Epic. Beautiful!

  5. good lord, you guys. i can’t even. how do you make a blog post where every single image could be hung on a wall. this looks like it was such a beautiful experience, too…! oh, so lovely!

  6. Beautiful work guys 🙂

  7. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] says:

    I’d get all your obscure Parks and Rec references, Sara, as long as you give me all the bacon and eggs you have.

    Also, this is one of your BEST. I’m in love. And you worked that life purrfectly.

  8. Meredith Adams [Brilliant Light Photography] says:

    * light 😉

  9. Arek - Fotografia says:

    lovely couple, place, light.. ughh.!!!


  11. Katie Jane says:

    Oh these are so yummy.


  13. MJ Pickett says:

    These are absolutely amazing! So beautiful.

  14. Amazinggggggggg! I am drooling over every photo.

  15. this is my favorite post! I want learn this color in Madrid!

  16. Thomas Steibl says:

    you’re so on fire. the whole wedding is amazing but these last frames are killer.

  17. AKP Photography says:

    These look freakin amazing 😀

  18. I had to look at these twice. Too amazing. Just beautiful!

  19. Kristen Curette says:

    The one where they are standing right outside the cave. Holy Moly unreal. This is an amazing set!

  20. Daniel H. says:

    These photos take me back in time. Beautifully shot wedding!

  21. Andy gaines says:

    Great work as usual guys! You sure can find the light! Looking forward to seeing you at BodaF.

  22. David Jenkins says:

    Wow. Simple and incredible. Love everything about this!

  23. Luke Hayden says:

    This is really beautiful. It’s rare to see a post where every image is stunning. So good!

  24. Albert Palmer says:

    I’m a little bit jealous of this location. Beautiful work both! Stand out gorgeous.

  25. Veronica Varos says:

    Sweet Jesus, these are absurdly beautiful!

  26. benj haisch says:


  27. Caryn Canatella says:

    RAD. Beautiful. & Sooo lovely!

  28. those ceremony shots whaaaat? scratch that. these are all nothing short of amazing. so good

  29. Tomasz Wagner says:

    You and your amazing couples! Beautiful storytelling as always but those last few frames – phew, killer.

  30. Darin Collison says:

    Pretty much knocked this out of the park, dudes. Love a lot.

  31. This is the dream that stuff is made of, FOR SURE.

  32. AKP Photography says:

    Truly amazing!!!

  33. Beautiful, attention grabbing images as always- absolutely adore the photos on the beach!

  34. This is the prettiest wedding I’ve seen in forever. The dress is beautiful, their ceremony was perfect, and the photography was stunning!

  35. This is both heartwarming and breathtaking! Lovely work x

  36. Oh my god you guys are insane!!!! ahhhh new biggest fan!

  37. Mark Elkins says:

    Incredible images. Soo so good.

  38. Great photos. So natural and simple.